Cover Ups

Tattoo cover ups for you in Sheffield

Are you stuck with the irreversible mistake of your existing tattoo? Don’t worry! At Street Art Tattoos we can do incredible tattoo cover ups.
Butterfly on a flower tattoo

The perfect cover up

From converting your unicorn tattoo into a blooming rose to covering up that name you don’t want to remember at Street Art Tattoos we offer amazing tattoo cover ups. We will design the perfect tattoo around your existing one and fill up the colours of your choice and make it look like new. With our tattoo cover ups you will not be able to trace the existence of your previous tattoo.
dragon tattoo on the arm

What do we do ?

  • Redesigning the tattoo
  • Changing the parts of the design
  • Adding colour to the existing tattoo
If you have an idea of what you want then feel fee to share it with us and we will recreate it for you.

To get the perfect tattoo cover up call
07455 091 112

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